We make the bicycle benefit easy and straightforward for everyone.

The bicycle benefit should engage muscles, not nerves, and especially not the human resources department. Our unique solution makes the bicycle benefit easy and simple for all parties involved. That's why we are the largest and most trusted service provider in Finland.

  • GoByBike for employees

    Would you like a bicycle benefit for your workplace, or are you already planning to get a bike?

  • GoByBike for employers

    Are you considering offering a bicycle benefit or looking for an answer to your question?

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    Are you selling a GoByBike benefit bike or servicing our customers’ bicycles?

For example, the following employers trust us

Our solution takes into account all parties involved, so you don't have to worry about the bicycle benefit.

Best terms and conditions for the employee

GoByBike offers the freedom to choose any bike from the widest range of bicycle shops. This ensures that every employee can find a bike that suits their needs with the shortest possible delivery time. We have sourced bikes from over 420 different stores and over 50 online shops in Finland and the EU.

✓ Bike can be purchased from any store

✓ Monthly redemption prices are known in advance

✓ Comprehensive theft protection with a minimal depreciation deduction

The lightest operating model for employers

We act as an outsourced partner for employers in managing the bicycle benefit. Our customer service interacts directly with your employees, and you can confidently direct them to contact our customer service for any inquiries. We also handle matters related to the bicycle benefit in special situations such as the termination of employment. Your only tasks are to approve lease agreements and correctly input the start and end dates of the bicycle benefits into your payroll system. Even that is extremely simple with the help of our clear monthly reports.

✓ Dedicated service numbers for employees and employers

✓ As the largest operator, we have already established processes for all situations

✓ Our customer service handles matters directly with your employees

The best partner for a bicycle shop

Our technology enables extremely fast and effortless bicycle acquisitions. In case of any issues, our friendly customer service resolves them immediately. With our scalable financing solution, we facilitate the fastest invoice processing in the market, and a significant portion of invoices are paid within 24 hours. These reasons make GoByBike the recommended partner for bicycle shops.

✓ The simplest and fastest ordering process

✓ The fastest invoice payer in the market

✓ Dedicated service number for bicycle shops

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